Turn Content Into Conversation;
Foster Community

Voxle is a powerful community content publishing platform built with social design at its core.

An Interconnected Mesh of People and Ideas

With conversation fragmented online across a multitude of services, it's nearly impossible to organize all the people, objects and ideas in your community in one place. More importantly, even the most powerful admin tools still require you alone to do all the curatorial work.

Voxle is a social publishing platform matching a high quality front-end user experience with robust content management tools behind the scenes, giving you the tools to define exactly what your community is about and enabling everyone to publish and curate content together, all while learning from and conversing with one another in context.

1 · Define The Content

Create a variety of custom content types for your system, from Articles, Blog Posts and Photos to Events, Classes, Topics and whatever else you choose — even People and Businesses! Theme the content types to whatever best suits your community theme.

2 · Define The Relationships

Richly link content together, like tagging People and Topics in Articles, or listing Speakers at Events, etc. Define exactly how people and content are related to one another. Related content displays on tabs or in the sidebar of a given content page.

A Full Social Network Out of the Box

The experience and features you'd expect from a social system and more, built from the ground up

Intuitive Design

A world-class user experience on par with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other popular consumer platforms, enabling your users to engage right away.

Robust Activity & Content Feeds

Based on your content settings, display rich activity feeds for any and all content on your site. Filter feeds to just specific content types, people and/or topics.

Rich Storytelling

Customized semantics create descriptive feed stories and notifications that illustrate more clearly the relationships between people, content and conversation in your community.

Organized Information Hubs

Define a multitude of topic types that serve as information hubs for aggregating all related content, people and conversation in the system. Users can then follow topics to stay in the loop.

Personalized Reader Experiences

Because users can connect to the content types they care about, their feeds automatically filter to just the people, sub-groups and content they want to see most often.

Business and Sponsor Accounts

Enable and encourage the various businesses and organizations in your community to create a page, publish content and contribute to ongoing discussions with the community at large.

Understand Your Community

Gain insights about members and their conversations with robust analytics that tell you what's popular, who's contributing and what's being said across the system.

Promotions and Contextual "Ads"

Easily feature specific content higher up on pages to attract readers and encourage interaction. Enable members of your community to promote their contributions too!

Keep Your Branding

Define custom colors, logos and a community cover photo to personalize the feel of your community. Optionally add your own custom CSS to style elements more to your taste.

Send Us a Note

We're currently in a closed beta. If you're interested in creating a community, please send us a message!