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Modern Community Management, Made Simple

Voxle is a simple yet powerful community management system that brings together all the related people, ideas, organizations, events and more in one place wrapped in great design, clean data and robust tools. Read more »

A Fully-Featured, Beautiful Social Network Out of the Box

The experience and features you'd expect from a social system and more, built from the ground up

Intuitive Design

A world-class user experience on par with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other popular consumer platforms, enabling your users to engage right away.

Activity Feeds

Based on your content settings, display activity feeds for any and all content on your site. Filter feeds to just specific content types, people and/or topics.

Rich Notifications

Members can receive alerts when new content is posted or existing content is updated in rooms or on posts they follow. Custom semantics let you configure how these read.

Organized Topic Hubs

Define a multitude of topic pages members can follow that automatically aggregate together all related content, conversation and people across the site.

Business Profiles

Enable the various businesses or organizations in your community to create their own page, publish content and contribute to ongoing discussions with members.

Deep Insights & Analytics

Gain insights about members and their conversations with robust analytics that tell you what's popular, who's contributing and what's being said across the system.

Promotions & Ads

Easily feature specific content higher up on pages to attract readers and encourage interaction. Enable members of your community to promote their contributions too!


Every piece of content in the system can be followed or "liked", letting users easily keep up with what interests them and signaling those preferences to you.

Interested? Get in touch!

We're currently in a closed beta. If you're interested in creating a community, please send us a message!